Trust and Security

How does the app make sure that I am safe?

Our primary concern is the safety of our users! We have therefore put in place the following safety mechanisms before, during, and after the use of Spare Rides.

Before your trip:

During your trip:

After your trip:

How does this work with my ICBC insurance?

Under the Section 55 of the Regulations under BC Law, as long as you respect the terms of your Autoplan contract and use your vehicle for leisure purposes, you are within the law.

With regards to ridesharing, documentation around Carpooling suggests that:

"If money is given to offset the cost, a vehicle owner may insure their vehicle in the rate class for its normal use, provided that their passengers’ contributions do not exceed the cost of fuel, insurance, wear and tear, and/or parking for the trip and don’t include expenses for depreciation of their vehicle. Their vehicle will only need to be rated for business use if they start gaining financially from driving passengers."

For as long as you use Spare Rides' services non-commercially (as per our Terms & Conditions) to offset your costs of driving, you should adhere to the same policies as carpooling.

We strongly recommend you check with your Autoplan dealer the terms of your insurance contract, to ensure you have sufficient insurance to take several riders at once.

If you are a BC vehicle owner, ICBC's basic coverage has a few mandatory protections in place that cover you in the event of an accident:

Third Party Liability

Protects you when you're at fault in a crash and another motorist makes a claim against you. Your Basic Autoplan covers up to $200,000 of their injury costs and vehicle damage.

Autoplan Accident Benefits

Help you, your passengers and members of your household with medical costs, wage loss and more if you’re injured in a motor vehicle crash, even if you’re at fault.

Accident Benefits provide up to $150,000 in medical and rehabilitation costs. This could include costs like hospital care, chiropractic treatments, dental care, medication, physiotherapy, medical equipment and more.

While ICBC's minimum liability coverage is $200,000, we recommend a minimum third party liability coverage of $2 million to be extra safe if you're going to be taking passengers. You can easily increase your liability limit by talking to your Autoplan dealer.

Why should I trust Spare for my daily commute?

We work hard to make sure that you have the best commuting experience possible during your trip. Here are several reasons why you can trust Spare for your daily commute:

Spare Community

Spare Community

Carpooling is not only a sustainable and convenient alternative to traditional transit but it is also a good option to socialize without changing your daily routine and plans. Spare strives to create a community of people joined by a common idea of making Vancouver better place to live by sharing their daily commute.

We encourage people to expand their network, discover new people that live in the same city, neighbourhood or work in the same company. Join our FB group to be the part of Spare community and follow the latest community events and news.

Respect and Responsibility

Spare works hard to provide our users with the best commuting experience, however, Spare is also a social app which means that positive and respectful attitude of people is a core for creating best experience during the trip.

We highly support the idea of respectful and positive attitude during the trip. We also encourage our users to be responsible about the scheduled trips and respect users’ time and plans.

Being part of the movement

By joining Spare, you also join shared mobility movement that helps to address problems of congestion, emissions and sustainability. Help us make our world better place to live!

Get helpful tips from Spare

At Spare we believe it is our responsibility to help you get around, even if that means not using the Spare app. We have made handy commuting guides, like this one from Richmond to UBC, and also have a blog where we talk about what we do. We also have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts that help you stay up to date with things going on at Spare.

Getting Started

How do I create my first trip?

Great news! You are ready to create your first trip. Just follow the simple steps:

What happens after I create my trip?

After you create your trip, Spare starts searching best matching options for you. At 8:30PM the night before, the app sends you notification to let you know that we've found you a match and provides you with all the trip details.

How do I get verified?

Getting verified is simple and only involves a two minute phone call! You should have received an email when you signed up with a link to schedule a call. If you can't find it, don't worry - send us an email over at [email protected] and we can set one up for you. Once you are verified you have the option to automatically create your trips and set your trip defaults.

Is there a way to automatically create trips?

Yes there is. Once you become verified, you can go into Settings → Trip Settings → Default Schedule and set your default schedule and what days you want to take trips. Your trips will be created automatically until you turn it off.

Getting Matched

When do I find out about my match?

You will recieve all your trip details, including who you will be riding with or driving for at 8:30PM the night before your trips. You can select the trip and see where the pick up and drop off locations are, and also select the profile photo to see more about your rider or driver.

How do I know that I got matched?

As soon as you get matched, we will send you notification about it. After you receive notification, you can go to the app to see more details about the match. Make sure that your notification option is turned on.

Taking a Trip

What happens on the day of the trip?

Congratulations! Looks like you found a match and confirmed your trip! Now you have the most exciting part – meeting your match! Don’t forget to check the trip time in advance to make sure that you are not late. Just in case, one hour before the trip we will send you a reminder.

If you are a driver, open your trip window in the app, it will show you where to go and time when the rider expects your pick-up.

If you are a rider, you can see when the driver is expecting to pick you up. Please, make sure to be ready for a pick up at the scheduled time.

Your commute just officially became awesome! Enjoy the nice conversation and your trip!

Should I contact my driver/rider to confirm the trip?

It is not necessary to contact your driver/rider to confirm the trip. As soon as you confirm the trip in the app, other party gets notified about the details of upcoming trip and gets ready for it. If other party cancels the trip, you will get a notification about it. You have the option to message and call the driver or rider if you need to. This can be seen in the trip details view by tapping on the trip from the home screen.

How does the app organize my trip?

Spare makes its best to create smooth and positive commuting experience for you. This is how we do it:

Should I contact the driver/rider if I am late?

We strongly encourage our users to plan their trips and possible traffic congestions and be on time. In case if you are late, we recommend you to call and inform the rider/driver about it.

What if my driver/rider does not show up?

For riders: If your driver will not show up, you get 100% refund of your trip cost.
For drivers: if your rider does not show up, you still recieve 100% of your trip cost.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

Cancelling a trip is easy and can be done on the trip info view. When cancelling a trip you will be charged the cost of the trip.

Completing a Trip

Can I rate the rider/driver?

Yes, after you complete your trip, you can rate your rider and driver and provide optional feedback to Spare on your trip.

Can I take a trip with the same person multiple times?

Yes, you can. The better you rate a rider or driver, the more likely you are to get matched with them again.

How do I pay/get paid?

All payments are processed in the app and there is no cash exchange. When your trip completes, the driver automatically recieves their payment in the Spare wallet.

To set this up go to Settings → Payments → Bank Account and provide us with the necessary information. Spare uses the safe and secure, PCI-DSS compliant service, Stripe to handle all payment transactions.


How does Spare calculate the cost of the trip?

Spare has a dynamic pricing mechanism ensuring that the cost of the trip makes sense for both the rider and the driver. As an example, approximate cost of the trip from Richmond to UBC is $6.

Special Offers

How do I redeem a coupon code?

To redeem a coupon code within the app go to Settings → Redeem Coupon. Your account balance will update automatically